RedmiBook 15 Review – Very Competitive in its Price Class

RedmiBook 15 Review – Very Competitive in its Price Class-

Not only playing in the mobile segment, Redmi is starting to spread its wings to the notebook segment through its newest product called RedmiBook 15.

Just like other Redmi products, this first notebook offers a relatively affordable price, but still carries reliable specifications in it.




Recently, netbooks are increasingly needed by some people due to the necessity of doing activities or working from home. Therefore, Redmi’s foray into the notebook segment can be an opsi choice in addition to veteran brands such as ASUS, Acer, and Lenovo.

RedmiBook 15

  • Screen – 8/10
  • Performnce – 8/10
  • Baterai – 8/10
  • Speks – 8/10
  • Model – 8/10



RedmiBook 15 is a notebook that is quite capable in terms of performnce for daily use and has a quality model for the price


  • Reliable performnce for everyday
  • OK baterei
  • Quality looking design
  • No bloatware
  • Comfortable keyboard


  • The screen is not IPS yet
  • Touchpad is a little rough

RedmiBook 15 in terms of appearance at first glance does not look like a cheap notebook. Even the minimalist model gaya presented by Redmi makes this notebook look menawant and clean which reminds me a little of the Apple MacBook or HUWAEI MateBook.

Moreover, the Dark Gray warna presented gives a metallic impression so that the slim bodi also looks premium even though the frame is made of polikarbonat and plastic materials. Weighing 1.8 kg and a thickness of 19.9 mm, the RedmiBook 15 will certainly be easy to carry around.

RedmiBook 15 – 3

Regarding connectivity, RedmiBook 15 provides quite a lot of ports ranging from HDMI 1.4, 2x USB 3.2 Gen 1, USB 2.0, RJ45 Ethernet Lan, 3.5mm audio jack, and SD 3.0 card reader. Not to forget, Kensington Lock is also available if you need it to secure your notebook.

Overall I like the model presented by the RedmiBook 15 through a minimalist gaya that doesn’t have a lot of knick-knacks and the bodi is not only slim but also feels premium for the price.

RedmiBook 15 – 4

However, the model of the RedmiBook 15 can also be said to be ordinary because there are no special characteristics that distinguish it when lined up with other netbooks besides the Redmi notes, Power Your Creativity on the cover which is also not very obvious.

But this is a little treated thanks to the cover that can almost be opened with just one finger. The hinges are not as light as high-end netbooks, but they are still easy to lift with one finger even though the notebook bodi will lift slightly when the screen is opened to 90 degrees.

RedmiBook 15 – 2

The screen of the RedmiBook 15 itself has a span of 15.6 inches with Full HD 1080p dukungan which will certainly be comfortable when used on activities thanks to its large size and sharp resolution. It’s just that, RedmiBook 15 doesn’t use an IPS panel so there will be warna distortion when viewed from the side

On the bright side, this screen has a brightness tingkat that won’t tire your eyes quickly, but still produces captivating colors. Plus the screen has also used an anti-glare matte coating so that konten can still be seen clearly in the hot sun.

The screen edge bezels are still quite thick for today’s notebook sizes. At the kampiun there is a 720p HD webcam that can be used to conduct video conferences with a fairly adequate gambar quality.

RedmiBook 15 – 6

Due to its large bodi size, RedmiBook 15 has advantages in the input section, both keyboard and touchpad. Typing to create documents and other things will perasaan comfortable because the keyboard has an arrangement with good key spacing and key travel that feels deep.

Not inferior to that, the touchpad that is presented is also very wide with dimensions of 126mm × 82.6mm which will certainly provide better flexibility when moving the kursor. It’s just that the touchpad surface sometimes feels rough, especially if your fingers are a little wet or sweaty.

The combination of the keyboard and touchpad managed to provide a comfortable navigation and usage pengalaman. In fact I have no complaints at all when using it on a daily pangkalan. Plus the power button located in the upper right corner of the keyboard has a little resistance to make it more difficult when accidentally pressed.

Using the RedmiBook 15 is even more comfortable thanks to the specifications it carries. The Intel Core i3-1115G4 prosesor which has 2 Cores and 4 Threads with a 3.0Ghz speed is believed to be the core for running various applications.

Accompanied by Intel UHD Graphics, RedmiBook 15 will be able to play multimedia konten without problems. In addition, there is also 8GB DDR4 RAM which is sufficient for the needs of many people today.

RedmiBook 15 – HWiNFO

No less important, RedmiBook 15 is equipped with a 256GB SSD penyimpanan solution which is certainly faster than conventional HDDs. This also results in a shorter Windows boot process, opening applications, and general operations.

With this specification configuration, RedmiBook 15 managed to skor 3,859 points on PCMark 10 which simulates the computing activities of general office workers. Meanwhile, 3DMark Night Raid shows a skor of 7,603 points which is sufficient considering that only Intel UHD Graphics is embedded in it for graphics processing.

RedmiBook 15 – Benchmark

Interestingly, the prosesor’s ability was recorded to get 2,844 points for Multi Core and 1,315 points for Singgel Core when tested using Cinebench R23. This figur beats the Core i7-7700K which has twice the number of Cores and Threads, proving the performnce of the 11th generation Core i3 is not kidding.

RedmiBook 15 – Cinebench

For SSD penyimpanan, the RedmiBook 15 looks capable of delivering a read capability of around 561.7 MB/s and writes of around 494.3 MB/s which is more or less in line with what is expected from the speed of a SATA III SSD penyimpanan solution.

RedmiBook 15 – CrystalDiskMark

While using the RedmiBook 15, I didn’t perasaan the sistim was slow or there was a decrease in performnce either when opening multiple tabs in the browser or working while playing YouTube. Moreover, the use of SSD makes the sistim perasaan responsif when doing anything because I don’t have to wait too long when the sistim loads data.

For pertunjukan needs, the RedmiBook 15 also has a performnce that can be invited to play light permainan. Because the graphics only rely on Intel UHD Graphics, only kasual or old permainan can be enjoyed on this notebook.

RedmiBook 15 – 11

However, once I tried to run the Konter Strike Global Offensive games as a representative of an esport games that is already very dikenal. As a result, for this one games, the RedmiBook 15 can still run it on Media graphics settings at 720p with an average of 60-70 FPS depending on the ruangan being played.

RedmiBook 15 – CSGO

In addition, I also tested the games Shadow of Tomb Raider which has kekinian graphics and is certainly not easy to run. This time the RedmiBook 15 was only able to achieve an average of around 15-20 FPS at 720p with the Lowest preset. A very understandable result for a notebook in this class.

RedmiBook 15 – Tomb Raider

Therefore, the RedmiBook 15 is more suitable for consuming pertunjukan such as watching movies or playing kasual and old permainan. Don’t get your hopes up too high on the gaming side, but I think it’s sufficient if you just want to unwind in your spare time by playing small permainan.

In powering all the components in it, RedmiBook 15 is embedded with a 46Wh capacity baterai which is claimed to be able to play 1080p video for 10 hours with low light and 50% volume settings.

When tested using PCMark 8 in Work 2.0 style, RedmiBook 15 was able to achieve a skor of 3 hours 54 minutes. This number is above the average for mainstream netbooks, so it can be used for a rapat or studi sesi without worrying about insufficient baterai.

RedmiBook 15 – PCMark 8 Baterei

What is very interesting again, the baterai power of the RedmiBook 15 can be charged quite quickly because I only need to wait 30 minutes for the baterai to be charged from 12% to 56% or about 1 hour 35 minutes to fully charge.

That way I can charge it for 30 minutes so that the RedmiBook 15 can be used again portable if I’m in a hurry. One thing that is unfortunate, on the RedmiBook 15 there is no seting to setop cas when it hits a certain percentage so that the baterai lasts longer for users who soket it into a power source more often.

RedmiBook 15 – 10

RedmiBook 15 as a whole is not equipped with bloatware, including antivirus from third parties which often actually interferes with the pengalaman pemakai. That way I get a clean Windows 10 for then I install the required applications.

Seeing the various capabilities it has, RedmiBook 15 is a notebook that is quite capable in terms of performnce for daily use and has a quality model for the price. However, the RedmiBook 15 is not without its drawbacks because there are still some things that could be better if you look at other netbooks from kompetitors.

However, those of you who need a notebook to do school and college assignments, work, to online business will certainly be satisfied with the RedmiBook 15 because it is comfortable to use without any annoying lags. Plus the large screen will make it easier for you to view konten and the lightweight bodi makes it easier to carry when you’re not at home anymore.