Review Mi 23.8” Desktop Monitor 1C

Review Mi 23.8” Desktop Monitor 1C –

No longer only in the mobile segment, Xiaomi is increasingly expanding its wings to various elektronik segments including computers.



Through the Mi 23.8″ Desktop Monitor 1C as one of the newest products for the desktop komputer segment in Indonesia, Xiaomi has again attracted the attention of its pemuja. How not, this one monitor can be said to be quite competitive for its price class.

Considering that working from home has now become commonplace and is increasingly needed, the presence of the Mi 23.8″ Desktop Monitor 1C certainly makes the options that can be chosen to suit your needs more diverse.

Review of Mi 23.8” Desktop Monitor 1C

  • Screen – 8/10
  • Fiturs – 7/10
  • Model – 10/10



The premium model with a minimalist industrial model is the main strength of the Mi 23.8″ Desktop Monitor 1C. Of course it will be compatible with any setting you want.


  • Premium and minimalist design
  • Already IPS panel
  • Quality and sturdy frame
  • Bright and sharp screen


  • No VESA mount
  • Limited ports

Then the Mi 23.8″ Desktop Monitor 1C which sells for Rp. 2,199,000 is suitable for what needs and users? This is my penilaianon.

Mi 23.8″ Desktop Monitor 1C comes with a very kekinian model with an industrial model that will perfectly match your workspace or minimalist setting you want to create. Its slim bodi not only saves ruang but also looks neat and clean.

Xiaomi Mi 23.8” Desktop Monitor 1C – 2

Its super thin bodi is recorded to only have a thickness of only 7.3 mm. However, that’s only the kampiun half because the bottom quarter is where the rest of the components sit and the port row is a bit sturdier.

Even so, at first glance the bodi when viewed from the side will still be beautiful and do not eliminate the illusion that this monitor is indeed slim. At the same time, this monitor is also accompanied by a metal stand that is no less minimalist.

With its size which is also fairly slim, the stand with the monitor has a keseluruhan weight of 2.7 kg. Coupled with a rubber base on the bottom leg, the monitor is guaranteed to stand firmly and is difficult to shift by itself when placed on a table.

Xiaomi Mi 23.8” Desktop Monitor 1C – 12

Installation of the stand is also very easy and very fast because it only needs to tighten three nuts. Moreover, Xiaomi has also provided an L wrench with a screwdriver anjuran + in the sales package that can be used to tighten the nuts so there is no need to look for another screwdriver.

After being paired with the stand, this Xiaomi monitor can only be tilted or tilted up and down while swivel or pivot are not supported at all. Unfortunately again, the Mi 23.8″ Desktop Monitor 1C does not dukungan VESA mounting on the back so it is mandatory to use the built-in stand.

Regarding connectivity, the Mi 23.8″ Desktop Monitor 1C provides a port that is sufficient for now although I think it could still be better. On the back there are only HDMI and D-Sub ports to connect to a komputer or netbook. In addition, there is also a menu button in the form of a joystick and a DC in port.

Xiaomi Mi 23.8” Desktop Monitor 1C – 11

This row of ports for most users in general may be enough because they often only use one, HDMI for kekinian devices or D-Sub for older devices.

However, the tidak adace of a 3.5mm output jack port is unfortunate because it will be very useful in various scenarios. For example, I can’t use the Mi 23.8″ Desktop Monitor 1C as a primary or secondary monitor that is also connected to a games console while using eksternal speakers for audio.

Therefore, the Mi 23.8″ Desktop Monitor 1C has limited functionality and is more suitable for displaying images from a komputer only. Seeing the other fiturs it brings, maybe pertunjukan was not the fokus of Xiaomi when creating this monitor.

Xiaomi Mi 23.8” Desktop Monitor 1C – 6

Turning to the front, the Mi 23.8″ Desktop Monitor 1C charms with a thin bezel screen on all three sides. While on the chin, there is a glossy bezel that still looks thick, but there is no simbol at all so it doesn’t reduce the minimalist aesthetic it offers.

Apart from the indicator light that will light up at the bottom, there are no navigation buttons at all, so the front view of the Mi 23.8″ Desktop Monitor 1C is really focused on the screen.

This monitor uses an IPS panel with a viewing angle of up to 178 degrees which allows it to be clearly seen without any warna distortion when viewed from various sides. Combined with the thin bezels, this monitor will perasaan wider without having boundaries.

The screen supports a resolution of up to 1920 x 1080 pixels with a 16:9 ratio to provide sharp images and has TÜV Rheinland Low Blue Light Certification to ensure eye comfort.

The matte coating on the surface of the screen can blok out distracting light reflections so the gambar can look more comfortable. The screen is also claimed to have a Grey-to-Grey (GTG) response time of 6 milliseconds which is sufficient for general use, but will not be suitable for playing competitive game.

Xiaomi Mi 23.8” Desktop Monitor 1C – 7

Xiaomi doesn’t provide specific information on its product page in terms of warna akiracy other than mentioning 16.7 million warna coverage and 1,000:1 contrast ratio. Like most monitors in this price kisaran, the Mi 23.8″ Desktop Monitor 1C still only supports refresh rates up to 60 Hz.

Interestingly enough, the Mi 23.8″ Desktop Monitor 1C when I checked the Windows settings turned out to be able to dukungan a 75Hz refresh rate. Xiaomi indeed on its official page only mentions dukungan for a refresh rate of only 60Hz, so I don’t know what caused that to happen and is it really 75Hz.

Xiaomi Mi 23.8” Desktop Monitor 1C – 14

In everyday use for work or consuming pertunjukan konten such as streaming YouTube, the Mi 23.8″ Desktop Monitor 1C can be said to be very sufficient with good warna reproduction and does not tire the eyes quickly. The model, which has thin and minimalist bezels, makes konten look almost borderless.

But unfortunately, this monitor has bleeding and is very bright backlit which causes excess light to appear from the edges so that the black warna, especially when displaying images that have a lot of black, will tend to be gray.

Overall, the screen is capable of displaying images with bright colors and qualified detils. The colors are a little more faded when compared to the IPS monitors that I usually use on a daily pangkal.

Xiaomi Mi 23.8” Desktop Monitor 1C – 13

Even the comparison of the tingkat of darkness reproduction looks very far when the Mi 23.8″ Desktop Monitor 1C is paired with a Lenovo Flex 6 netbook using Duplikasi proyekion model to display a keseluruhan black gambar.

Even so, if you look at the price, I think this is still very tolerable in ordinary use that doesn’t require high warna akiracy such as warna grading for photos or videos because I don’t really perasaan a significant difference when using it for work or telusuri.

Like most other monitors, the Mi 23.8″ Desktop Monitor 1C also provides settings lewat the On-Screen Display (OSD) which can be activated by pressing the joystick button on the back. There are various picture settings and a choice of modes that can be used such as Standar, ECO, Games, Movie, and Low Blue Light.

Interestingly, the Overdrive menu is also available which is claimed to reduce the response time of the monitor so that it can display warna changes faster. However, Xiaomi did not mention to what extent the response time can be lowered.

Mi 23.8″ Desktop Monitor 1C doesn’t seem to be tujuaning competitive gamers because it doesn’t provide various gaming fiturs such as 1ms response time, Freesync, or high refresh rate. However, this can be replaced by the aesthetic that surrounds the model model.

The metal material and minimalist model that it brings make the Mi 23.8″ Desktop Monitor 1C look more premium than the price tag. Therefore this monitor will be very suitable for those of you who need a monitor for work or want to have a clean desk because the Mi 23.8″ Desktop Monitor 1C will stand in harmony with any model.

The Mi 23.8″ Desktop Monitor 1C feels right for the price and is quite competitive with monitors of similar size in its price class. If you’re like me, who likes minimalist industrial-style monitors to match the existing setting, it’s worth considering this Xiaomi monitor.