ASUS ZenBook S13 UX392F Review

ASUS ZenBook S13 UX392F Review –

ASUS continues to refine their ZenBook line in various segments. Their latest product, the ASUS ZenBook S13, reflects this.

As their line of high-end notebooks, ZenBook always offers something elokt but still can be used for productivity needs comfortably. Through this ZenBook S13, I think ASUS is proof of their pengalaman in designing premium notebooks.

The ASUS ZenBook S13 UX392F that I tested comes in a Utopia Blue warna which gives a calm and calming impression. However, the aluminum bodi frame that ASUS uses not only makes it sturdy but also seems to hint that there is something surprising inside.

ASUS ZenBook UX392F

  • Screen – 10/10
  • Performnce – 9/10
  • Baterei – 8/10
  • Speks and Portability – 10/10
  • Desain – 10/10



ASUS ZenBook UX392F not only has the appearance of one of the best ultrabooks today, but also has speeding performnce.


  • One of the best designs from ASUS
  • Fast performnce for multitasking
  • The temperature remains cool and not noisy
  • Amazing screen for anything
  • Clear audio from Harman Kardon
  • Comfortable keyboard


  • The position of the fingerprint and the power button is annoying
  • Limited built-in connectivity ports
  • Unsatisfactory baterai

Judging from the official web, the robustness of the ZenBook S13 even has a MIL-STD 810G certificate after passing various extreme tests including jatuh, shock, altitude, and humidity tests. When you hold this netbook directly, you will immediately believe the claim because it feels very padu.

ASUS ZenBook S13 UX392F Rear View

Even so, it weighs only 1.1 kg and a thickness that is not much different from the ROG Phone, which is only 2.9 mm. Its slim bodi causes this netbook to only offer two USB-C 3.1 Gen 2 ports, a MicroSD card reader, and USB-A 3.1 Gen 2.

Therefore, ASUS provides a Mini Dock dongle which provides an additional port consisting of an HDMI port and two USB ports so that you still have the best possible connectivity when traveling.

ASUS ZenBook S13 UX392F as thin as a cellphone

Silent but deadly, that’s probably the metaphor I can use for this one netbook. ASUS managed to combine the best designs from their various notebooks on the ZenBook S13.

The revolutionary ErgoLift hinge is back to provide additional air ruang to the cooling sistem and increase typing comfort.

ASUS ZenBook S13 UX392F Ergolift

This netbook keyboard itself feels satisfying when used because every key feels really pressed and already has a backlit light to help users see the keyboard in a dark room.

It’s just that I often accidentally put the netbook into a Sleep state due to the Power button right next to the Delete button.

The trekpad of the ZenBook S13 is also quite responsif when your fingers run through it. In the upper right corner of the trekpad there is a finger scan sensor that supports Windows Hello so that it is safer and easier to log in.

Of all the things that ZenBook S13 has, I think the screen desain is the most charming. ZenBook S13 has one of the thinnest bezel displays I’ve ever tried. With ASUS’ flagship NanoEdge desain, the bezel of this netbook is only 2.5 mm, which means it has a screen-to-body ratio of 97%. Extraordinary.

The 13.9-inch screen not only has thin bezels but also Full HD 1080p resolution which can still be clearly seen up to 178-degree angles and 100% sRGB warna coverage.

ASUS ZenBook S13 UX392F Bezel

Coupled with ASUS Splendid and Tru2Life Video technology, any konten displayed on this screen will look more stunning. I can even watch YouTube videos in HDR quality to make the pictures look more alive.

Moreover, ASUS has also provided Harman Kardon speakers that are able to provide quality audio. The sound produced by these speakers can still sound very clear and clear at maksimum volume though.

So that all of the konten can run smoothly, ASUS has embedded qualified specifications in this ZenBook S13 UX392F. The Intel Core i7-8565U prosesor and NVIDIA MX 150 graphics card is believed to be the main engine.

This combination allows me to run various applications as well as perform other daily computing activities without any problems at all. Running a browser with multiple tabs while listening to music on Spotify and koreksi large resolution photos I can do comfortably.

ASUS ZenBook S13 UX392F HWiNFO

Of course, this performnce is also inseparable thanks to the presence of 16GB Dual-Channel RAM which ensures smooth multitasking and NVMe PCIe Gen 3 SSD penyimpanan with a high-speed capacity of 1TB which can shorten loading times.

The Crystal Disk Mark application shows that the SSD penyimpanan has the ability to read 3,467 MB/s and write 2,396 MB/s in sequential processes. Almost 30 times faster than conventional HDD.

ASUS ZenBook S13 UX392F CrystalDiskMark

What I like about ZenBook S13 is that the cooling fan doesn’t sound too noisy when the netbook is working at its maksimum. As I said earlier, this netbook is quiet but deadly.

ASUS ZenBook UX392F Benchmark Graph

Therefore, everything happens very quickly, starting from the boot process, opening applications, transferring data, to loading game so I don’t have to wait too long.

Thanks to the NVIDIA MX 150, ZenBook S13 is still capable of playing light game. When I tried to run Konter Strike: Global Offensive, I was still able to santai up to 50 FPS in the High preset graphic quality.

ASUS ZenBook S13 UX392F Gaming

That way, you can fill your spare time by playing game if you want. Meanwhile, for those of you who want to play the latest AAA class game like Shadow of The Tomb Raider, then I prefer the Republic of Gamers line.

As an ultrabook piranti, ZenBook S13 is not intended for gaming. Therefore, the performnce for gaming is still very much in line with my expectations.

But unfortunately, I am not satisfied with the baterei life of this netbook. In a baterei tes using PCMark 8 Work which simulates the activities of office workers, ZenBook S13 is only able to last for 3 hours 39 minutes at a 50% screen brightness tingkat and the backlit keyboard is on.

ASUS ZenBook S13 UX392F Baterei Test

Meanwhile, when I use it in real life, I can get around 4 hours of endurance. This sosok is actually fairly reasonable for a netbook, but considering that the ZenBook S13 is a very portable ultrabook, I expect the baterei to be able to get through daily activities without worrying about pengisian it.

Fortunately, ASUS embeds fast charge technology which allows the baterei to be charged as much as 60% from an empty condition in just 49 minutes. This will certainly be of great help when I have to hurry away.

Even so, I still like overall what ASUS has to offer this time through ZenBook S13, especially in the desain and screen which provides a very good pengalaman pengguna.

I think this ASUS ZenBook S13 will be very suitable for those of you who santai hiburan konten such as watching videos as best as possible in a portable form as well as workers who want a lightweight and slim netbook to be easy to carry anywhere.