Zillow Homes For Sale & Rent Mobile App: Explore Tools, Features, and More

Social media posts, online forums, and websites have made it simple to find a house online. For starters, you can only view the residences for sale online, so it’s hard to verify their legitimacy. It is hard for me to tell if the deals are real or not.

I found out that the Zillow app is geared toward helping people find, evaluate, and transact on real estate transactions. Since Zillow is such a well-known name in the real estate industry, I feel confident using its app. The Zillow app puts access to a database of millions of properties in the palm of your hand.

Check out the features of the Zillow app and why it’s so useful below. See how, after selling my old house, I located my new one using the Zillow app.

Getting to Know Zillow

Since Zillow is such a recognizable name in the real estate industry, I have been familiar with it for some time. To make it simpler for people to start the next chapter of their lives—having their own homes—Zillow is reimagining real estate.

Zillow is popular among homebuyers and sellers alike as one of the best real estate websites in the United States. Offering on-demand services that facilitate house sales, rentals, purchases, and financing with an emphasis on open communication and coordinated action from start to finish.

The platform facilitates transactions between private parties in numerous real estate markets. In this way, the people (buyer and seller) are in charge of the price and other terms of the bargain.

Through its affiliated lender, Zillow also provides house loans. People may easily get pre-approved and acquire financing for their upcoming house purchase with the aid of housing loans, which are available on the app.

Introducing the Zillow Mobile App

Zillow Group created a mobile app to make its real estate website more accessible. The Zillow app is free on Google Play and Apple App Stores. Zillow features no in-app purchases or paid subscriptions.

I can find a home to buy or rent on the website. On the Zillow app, I can also sell my house. I can take 3D home tours before finding the right house with the help of other tools on the Zillow app. The Zillow app is compatible with Android 5.0 and iOS 14.0 on mobile devices.

Exploring the Zillow App

The Zillow app’s sleek design is one of my favorite features. I can quickly navigate its features and tabs because to its clean, well-organized design. There are five main menu options in the Zillow app, which may be accessed from the app’s bottom menu.

The various tabs on Zillow include Search, Updates, Saved Homes, Your Home, and More. When I click the “Search” button, I can see a list of all the houses that are for sale or rent in the current listings. The Updates tab allows me to monitor the status of my previously stored searches and any modifications made to them.

The Saved Homes option serves as a bookmark for me once I see a home that piques my attention. If I ever need to double-check on any of these addresses, it won’t be a problem. Through the “Your Home” page on the app, I can also save my home.

The More section of the Zillow app provides additional features. It’s easy to access my saved searches, my list of homes to sale, my mortgage details, my account/profile info, and the Settings tab.

Knowing the Mortgage Tools on Zillow

To my surprise, the Zillow app allows me to utilize its house tools and features to evaluate my financial readiness to purchase a new home. The app helps you find a reliable lender or broker so you can get pre-qualified.

The best mortgage lender, according to Zillow, could tailor their service to my specific requirements. Zillow has a marketplace with participating lenders, therefore I should check to see whether my mortgage servicer is one of them.

In order to have a better understanding of house prices, I can do more than just get pre-qualified. There are mortgage calculators, affordability calculators, and refinance calculators available within the Zillow app.

Using the Zillow Mobile App to Find a House

Users can find a home to buy or rent using the Zillow app’s main function. In order to discover the ideal home that satisfies their requirements and standards, it made sure that the Search tab contains everything users need.

I can search for available houses using the app by entering the address, city, ZIP code, or neighborhood where I wish to buy a new home. The next question on Zillow’s app is whether I want to use it to find homes for sale or rent.

With the intention of moving, I organized the available real estate listings. Because the app knows where I am at all times, it may provide me suggestions for nearby areas if I’d rather not relocate.

Houses for Sale Near Me, Open Houses Near Me, and Recently Sold Near Me are just a few of the suggested searches in the app. To demonstrate how effective it is in assisting people in finding a new home, the app also allows me to view some of the recently sold houses.

Using Initial Filters for the Search Results on Zillow

As there are likely thousands of houses for sale on the Zillow app, it is wise to narrow the search results by including only those that are available in the desired area. There are two primary categories I may use to refine the search results: Agent Listings and Other Listings.

If you’re looking for an extra layer of protection, the Agent Listings on Zillow are the way to go, as they contain only homes listed by legitimate real estate agents. The posts of other users who want to sell their homes are found in the Other Listings section.

Filtering the Search Results on the Zillow App

By taking into account our tastes and requirements, the Zillow app helps users choose the ideal new homes. In order to make it simpler to choose which house to buy, the app provides a variety of filters.

The app first prompted me to choose between seeing all listings or only certain types. Not only can I see listings from agents and owners, but also from categories like New Construction, Foreclosures, Coming Soon, Auctions, Foreclosed, and Pre-Foreclosed.

The price range of the house that I can afford is also crucial. Those searching to rent houses can quickly see the monthly rent of the properties by using the pricing range menu bar.

Making use of Zillow’s Home Filters

In addition, Zillow prompted me to select the ideal home type, such as single-family home, manufactured home, townhome, condominium, lot/land, or multi-family home.

The app also inquired as to the number of bedrooms I desired in my new house, in addition to the type of home. Houses and flats with one to five bedrooms are among the available alternatives. Also, I may specify how many bathrooms I want in my new home if I go this route.

Using More Filters for the Search Result on Zillow

The Zillow app was great since it allowed me to narrow my search for a home to a certain area. The app provides me with more filter options beyond the ones already listed. At first, I was prompted to select the frequency of my Homeowners Association fee (monthly or annually).

Plus, I may specify whether or not I want a garage or parking space. The square footage of the house and the size of the lot can also be selected. The app also allows me to specify amenities such as a swimming pool, air conditioning, basement, etc.

Zillow has an interesting feature that allows me to discover houses with views of a city, park, water, or mountain. Moreover, the app allows you to narrow your results by construction year.

Saving Homes on Zillow

I can take a 3D home tour after looking at the properties that meet my criteria, as most listings do. This virtual tour of the house allows me to experience the home’s atmosphere and facilities without actually visiting it.

I could save a house listing to my app if I liked it. In case I do end up deciding to take the house, I can always go back and refer to the post. In order to converse and move through with the purchase, the app provides the owner’s or agent’s contact information.


Users can find available houses for sale or rent using the Zillow app, a reputable real estate app. Users can select the ideal home based on their preferences using the search filters provided.