HP 14 Ryzen 3 Review – Elegant Design and Comfortable to Use

HP 14 Ryzen 3 Review – Elegant Design and Comfortable to Use

HP has actually a quite wide collection of laptop computer items varying coming from incredibly reduced course towards fee towards satisfy the requirements of its own clients.

One of all of them is actually the HP 14 cm-0006AU which I have actually been actually utilizing for recent couple of full weeks as my major operate tool. This laptop computer has actually the most up to date era of processor chips coming from AMD, specifically the Ryzen 3 2200U towards assist today’s calculating requirements.

The inquiry is actually, exactly just how excellent is actually HP 14 when made use of in daily lifestyle? Is actually it capable towards give an excellent expertise? Here is a testimonial coming.



HP 14 Ryzen 3

  • Display – 7/10
  • Efficiency – 8/10
  • Electric battery – 8/10
  • Concept – 9/10



HP 14-cm0006UA is actually an unit that’s incredibly suited for make use of through youths, each laborers and trainees.


  • Concept surpasses expectations
  • Comfy key-board and also touchpad
  • Over ordinary battery
  • loud speaker


  • Display doesn’t have actually anti-glare
  • Bunches of bloatware put up straight away

Luxury Concept Features of HP

HP is among the suppliers that consistently shows layouts that I assume are actually pretty pleasant and also stylish in each of their line of product. Similarly using this HP 14 considering that it has actually a lavish look, yet certainly not excessive in order that it is actually suited for make use of through anybody.

Most of these laptop computers are actually made from plastic, yet because of the gorgeous gold shade and also soft surface area they resemble they are actually made from light weight aluminum. Integrated along with dark along with a contact of a comb coating on the interior, it presents the integrity of the HP in relations to concept.

As the title signifies, this laptop computer has actually a 14-inch display along with a settlement of 1366 x 768 pixels which has actually end up being a popular specification. The display makes excellent and also vivid shades, yet regrettably it is actually still bordered through a thick good enough frame in order that it really experiences unsatisfactory in 2018. Furthermore, the lack of an anti-glare layer produces the display occasionally challenging towards find because of lighting representations.

Regarding sound, HP supplies a big good enough place over the key-board for the audio sound speaker gap. This produces the audio incredibly loud and also unobstructed also at higher quantities. It is unusual for me towards discover audio speakers this great for a laptop computer course HP 14.

The key-board and also touchpad that are actually delivered are actually additionally incredibly comfy towards make use of just like various other HP laptop computers that I have actually attempted. Keying for a number of years does not tire my palms promptly and also the tricks sense receptive. It is only that for the property switch throughout which is actually positioned at the much straight, I need to change it a little bit of when I would like to push the go into switch.

Of program, this laptop computer is actually incredibly suited to become made use of as a mixeds media tool or even needed to operate, particularly due to the fact that its own significance isn’t also hefty, specifically 1.4 Kg. The connection alternatives used are actually additionally pretty accomplish, beginning with a USB 3.1 slot, USB 2.0, SD Memory card Viewers, HDMI, Ethernet RJ45, and also a 3.5mm combination sound port.
Work Indeed Actually, Video pc gaming Okay

The HP 14 that I make use of in the home kitchen has actually a Ryzen 3 2200U APU which has actually additionally been actually installed along with Radeon Vega 3 Video towards give optimum efficiency in daily lifestyle. This APU has actually 2 CPU centers and also 4 Strings along with a bottom time clock of 2.5 GHz and also 3 GPU centers for video handling requirements.

With the presence of Radeon Vega 3, individuals can easily take pleasure in mixeds media web information including seeing video recordings even more pleasantly. Considering that they have the ability to give one thing various coming from previous items, AMD’s Ryzen APUs have actually been actually drawing in focus recently.

In enhancement, there’s additionally 8GB of RAM and also 1TB of HDD storing which I assume is actually incredibly suited for many of the requirements of today’s individuals. The os currently operates Home windows 10 Property 64-bit, thus you do not need to bother with that.

Overall the efficiency of the HP 14 is actually pretty comfy, yet certainly there certainly are actually some difficulties that I seasoned. Among all of them is actually the aggravating nonpayment bloatware that’s installed through HP, including McAfee anti-virus and also various other HP-exclusive software program.

This produces the laptop’s efficiency certainly not as it ought to be actually, particularly the boot opportunity which ends up being a lot longer as well as gets to greater than 5 mins. Furthermore, the HDD additionally usually all of a sudden jobs 100%, producing the laptop computer much less additionally delays and receptive. This concern is actually created even much worse when Home windows is actually upgrading behind-the-scenes.

Therefore, I needed to uninstall a few of the nonpayment software program and also the outcome was actually that the laptop’s efficiency was actually as it ought to be actually. The HDD concern is actually consistently functioning 100% and also the boot opportunity is actually quick once once more. Then this laptop computer is actually incredibly comfy towards make use of with no troubles in all in relations to efficiency.

HP 14 still operates perfectly when I develop a web internet browser along with pretty a considerable amount of buttons while seeing Youtube. This laptop computer is actually additionally still capable towards operate Android emulators including Nox pretty perfectly thus there’s no have to question its own efficiency in day-to-day tasks, whether it is operate or even various other mixeds media requirements.

Likewise along with the artificial standard end results attained due to the HP 14 Ryzen 3. The PCMark 10 market value presents that the HP 14 has actually modest efficiency, neither higher neither also reduced for a traditional laptop computer tool.

Then suppose it is actually made use of towards participate in video games? Exactly just what video games can easily Ryzen 3 operate? That’s definitely among the major inquiries for those that would like to discover a laptop computer within this particular course.

Benchmark worths ​​from 3DMark reveal that the HP 14 are going to discover it challenging towards operate the most up to date video games along with higher video high top premium. That is why I decided to make use of the Tool video preparing at 720p HD solution.

In the Marvelous Burglary Automobile V video activity, HP 14 is actually still capable towards give FPS which is actually still thought about playable in the stable of 20-30 FPS. Its own efficiency is actually rather much less dependable considering that certainly there certainly are actually consistently changes, particularly when steering, yet it are going to be actually even more continuous when strolling or even intending for tools.

Even however it was actually launched in 2013, GTA is actually still recognized for its own hefty cpu efficiency lots and also a big place that has actually to become provided whenever producing the called for efficiency certainly not tiny. For that, it is actually important towards provide thumbs up exactly just what exists due to the Ryzen 3 cpu together with incorporated Vega 3 video.

Judging coming from these end results, it’s not unexpected that HP 14 is actually unable towards give efficiency that’s featured in the playable type for video games that have actually a much heavier lots including Growth of Burial place Raider and also The Witcher 3. These pair of video games carry out need higher good enough efficiency in order that HP 14 can easily just operate it in the stable of 15-20 FPS just.

Luckily for much older video games just like Burial place Raider 2013, I had the ability to participate in it pretty pleasantly along with FPS achieving 40 in a rather available place in 768p indigenous solution. Without a doubt, the time period is actually pretty unstable considering that occasionally it can easily additionally be actually listed below 30 FPS, yet the efficiency delivered suffices towards have the capacity to participate in pleasantly.

HP 14 Ryzen 3 TR2013

For this explanation, this HP 14 ought to be actually qualified good enough towards operate prominent eSport video games just like CS:GO and also DOTA2 perfectly. Naturally, certainly there certainly are going to still be actually visuals modifications considering that it are going to definitely certainly not have the capacity to make use of the optimum visuals high top premium.

Overall, this video activity is actually still reasonably playable for those that do not actually respect visuals high top premium or even only would like to attempt participating in it. Thinking about this laptop computer utilizes Vega 3 which is actually incorporated video, the efficiency delivered is actually pretty nice.

Interestingly, this laptop computer doesn’t create too much heat energy after betting a number of years. All-time low straight section performs sense hot, yet still incredibly easy to understand. The temp on its own gets to the stable of 72 ° Celsius at the highest possible confine, while when made use of typically it is actually dependable at 53 ° Celsius.
Above Ordinary Battery

With an appealing nice efficiency, exactly just what around the electric battery lifestyle of the HP 14? The Ryzen 3 2200U has actually a TDP of 15 Watts thus theoretically it ought to be actually even more electrical power reliable compared to rivals that have actually different GPU and CPU.

During make use of in day-to-day tasks, the HP 14 manages to brighten for 3 hrs 55 mins up till the staying electric battery is actually 15%. This raise is actually over the ordinary of very most traditional laptop computers which just final around 2 hrs thus this is actually a respectable accomplishment.

This amount is actually additionally very little various when made use of towards participate in video recordings without ceasing, which has to do with 3 hrs 48 mins. Naturally the longevity are going to reduce significantly when made use of towards participate in video games that need total electrical power consistently. For electric battery billing opportunity, I need to hang around around 1 hr fifty mins towards cost coming from 15% towards 100%.

HP 14-cm0006UA is actually an unit that’s incredibly suited for make use of through youths, each laborers and trainees. The concept is actually incredibly appealing which are going to definitely bring in individuals even more positive utilizing this laptop computer in people locations. And also the significance is actually additionally certainly not also hefty towards bring anywhere.

This laptop computer has actually a quite tough and also sound body system that initially glimpse does not sense made from plastic. The key-board and also touchpad that exist are actually additionally incredibly comfy thus I can easily sense comfy utilizing all of them for a number of years just like various other HP items I’ve attempted. The audio coming from this laptop computer audio sound speaker is actually additionally loud if you would like to make use of it towards eat mixeds media web information.

In enhancement towards the pleasant concept of the HP 14 which is actually categorized as an unit that’s certainly not exclusive, it additionally doesn’t dissatisfy. Its own efficiency suffices to become made use of in day-to-day tasks perfectly, while for individuals that would like to participate in video games along with the most effective high top premium, they ought to appearance in other places.

Likewise, the electric battery lifestyle of the HP 14 is actually additionally certainly not incredibly outstanding although it can easily final a little bit of much a lot longer compared to various other laptop computers in its own course. In this way this laptop computer is actually better for make use of through an individual that does not actually require higher efficiency yet is actually currently incredibly certified towards operate in daily lifestyle.