ASUS A407UF Review – Reliable Laptop For Daily Activities

ASUS A407UF Review – Reliable Laptop For Daily Activities

ASUS Indonesia has actually numerous product on call towards pick from inning accordance with your necessities as well as among all of them is actually the A407UF.

The A Collection household frequently prioritizes efficiency along with remarkable functionality. Additionally along with the A407UF which seeks to have actually a lovely style however doesn’t forget higher functionality for utilize in day-to-day lifestyle.

Well Gadgetren took place towards have actually the possibility towards attempt this notebook straight. What’s the functionality just like? Here is my ASUS A407UF assess.




  • Display – 8/10
  • Functionality – 9/10
  • Electric battery – 8/10
  • Style – 8/10



ASUS X407UF is actually a laptop computer that has actually a streamlined however lovely style along with a rather prompt functionality towards follow it.


  • Hassle-free functionality for everyday
  • Over normal electric battery life
  • Billing is actually pretty fast
  • Present day style along with Home windows Hello there support


  • Unsatisfactory high top premium of production materials
  • The temp is actually pretty higher when participating in games

Contemporary Layouts For Youthful People

ASUS A407UF has actually a somewhat various style coming from the previous X collection along with a comb coating on the rear. The option of the style necessities to become applauded due to the fact that it produces the surface area of the notebook regularly cleanse due to the fact that possession spots or even various other factors are actually really hard towards stay with as compared to shiny products.

Likewise for the interior, each surface area is actually offered a comparable flair to ensure the notebook are going to regularly appearance attractive without the require for regular cleansing. I truly just like exactly just what ASUS needs to promotion this moment in relations to style as well as perhaps it are going to be actually taken on right in to various other mid-range notebook items.

Overall the body system is actually made from plastic component which really experiences pretty affordable when stored straight, however this produces the notebook really illumination. It simply evaluates around 1.5 kg therefore it are going to be actually very effortless towards hold anywhere with no headaches.

The display brings the ASUS main NanoEdge style along with a frame simply 7.1 mm thick therefore it has actually a screen-to-body proportion of 73.8%. This produces me even more comfy taking pleasure in mixeds media material or even performing various other tasks due to the fact that the display appears even more versatile.

The touchpad additionally has actually a rather sizable location along with a quite hassle-free surface area. It is pretty comfy towards utilize the touchpad coming from the A407UF in my life with no complications, however when I push the straight or even left behind switches it really experiences a little bit of unusual due to the fact that it seems like the whole touchpad surface area is actually down.

Inside the touchpad location there’s a hands browse sensing unit that could be made use of combined with Home windows Hello there towards visit. The sensing unit may review my hands therefore swiftly as well as precisely that it is difficult towards return to utilizing a code or even affix. Nevertheless, I still do not just like its own site in the touchpad location due to the fact that certainly there certainly are actually numerous various other areas that are actually preferable.

I additionally do not just like the key-board of the notebook. Just like various other A as well as X collection, the key-board has actually a somewhat versatile therefore it are going to feeling down when keying. Certainly not a huge trouble truly, however keying for a very long time produces my palms burn out quicker.

The graphic high top premium of the notebook electronic camera is actually additionally low-grade as well as is actually also identified as bad along with a bunch of cloudiness and sound. May still be actually made use of towards interact along with household, but also for even more official factors it’s not really appropriate.

Regarding connection, the ASUS A407UF is actually pretty assorted along with the existence of one for USB 3.0 as well as USB 2.0 ports, HDMI, microSD, as well as sound combination port. For USB Type-C it’s not however on call, however it is actually easy to understand due to the fact that it is actually still uncommon towards promotion it within this particular course.

Overall, the ASUS A407UF has actually an appealing as well as present day style, specifically because its own lightweight produces this notebook mobile good enough to become made use of anywhere. Through this slim body system, exactly just how is actually the functionality provided?
High Functionality Along with Couple of Compromises

The ASUS X407UF that I’m examining has actually an Intel Primary i5-8520U cpu along with a bottom time clock of 1.5 GHz along with a turbo enhance of approximately 3.4 GHz. The cpu is actually aided through 2GB NVIDIA GeForce MX130 video for 3D video handling as well as single-channel 4GB DDR4 2400MHz RAM which has actually end up being the minimal criterion for today’s necessities.

The display has actually a 14-inch span along with a settlement of 1366 x 768 pixels as well as 45% NTSC colour protection. The anti-glare covering makes sure material could be observed accurately when confronted with a lighting resource. The display on its own creates normal colour recreation, tolerable however second best either.

Regarding storing, ASUS embeds a 256GB SATA3 SSD which may give quicker functionality in relations to analysis as well as creating, specifically while doing so, due to the fact that this notebook simply takes around 3 few seconds. The ability is actually pretty good enough for average customers, however really experiences much less for those of you that prefer to participate in video games.

Using ASUS A407UF in my regular tasks is actually really comfy due to the fact that every thing jobs. Certainly not when have actually I really experienced any type of lag although performing multi-tasking is actually pretty demanding. Managing Spotify as well as Youtube while keying records as well as surfing all at once on this notebook still really experiences hassle-free.

This is actually additionally demonstrated in the Cinebench R15 rack up on this notebook which gets to 635 cb for CPU functionality. Ball game is actually rather higher for a laptop computer cpu along with a distinction of around one hundred aspects as compared to the Primary i5-7300HQ. Therefore you could be certain that you’ll certainly not be actually dissatisfied around the functionality of the cpu.

Likewise along with tests utilizing PCMark 10, the ASUS A407UF acquired an appealing respectable rack up, such as 2875. PCMark 10 imitates tasks that are actually commonly executed through laborers varying coming from video clip playback, creating records, towards video clip phone telephone calls. Therefore coming from this notebook there’s no should uncertainty its own functionality for efficiency.

Then exactly just how around video pc gaming? Sadly this part could be stated to become a weak point of the ASUS A407UF. This notebook depends on NVIDIA GeForce MX130 towards method 3D video along with functionality which I assume is actually sufficient for day-to-day mixeds media material however isn’t appropriate for hardcore players.

Before mosting likely to the video pc gaming part, I absolutely checked it 1st along with benchmarks coming from 3DMark which could be made use of as a referral wherefore type of functionality I may anticipate. In the Discharge Strike examination which has actually a tons just like many of the current video games presently discharged, A407UF is actually simply capable towards achieve 1,027 aspects, while in Skies Scuba diver it is actually still pretty really good, which is actually 6,717 aspects.

The rack up presents that the A407UF manages to manage video games that are actually certainly not as well massive pretty effectively, however appears really hard when managing video games that need really higher video functionality.

Therefore I attempted to participate in GTA 5 which is actually incredibly popular as well as has actually been actually discharged for pretty an although. Nevertheless, this video activity still calls for a bunch of functionality towards manage easily. I participate in GTA 5 in 768p indigenous solution along with Higher video environments, but also for Appearance it is simply Tool.

As an outcome, the A407UF manages to manage GTA 5 pretty effectively as well as easily along with an ordinary FPS of all around 40-50 under typical conditions. Its own functionality surpasses desires due to the fact that I estimation this notebook may simply manage in HD solution along with Tool video.

This, obviously, presents that the ASUS A407UF may without a doubt be actually held towards participate in video games provided that it does not need way a lot of value just like well-known eSport video games, be actually it DOTA2 or even Overwatch, pretty easily with no complications.

Then I attempted to participate in a video game that was actually also harder, such as Growth of The Burial place Raider. Just like GTA 5, I ran it in indigenous solution as well as Higher video along with the Appearance part to Tool.

Unfortunately this moment the A407UF appears really hard to obtain good enough FPS towards participate in easily due to the fact that it is simply around 25 FPS for very most scenes. This may additionally be actually observed coming from the criteria causes the video activity along with an ordinary accomplishment of 27 FPS. Obviously Growth of Burial place Raider may still be actually participated in pretty easily through reducing the video high top premium.

Overall, the ASUS A407UF has actually a quite qualified functionality for utilize in regular tasks as well as is actually still capable to become given participate in video games in the course of extra time, however it’s not appropriate for players that intend to regularly dip into the greatest visuals high top premium.

One factor towards details around this notebook is actually that the cpu temp increases really higher when made use of towards participate in video games along with an ordinary temp of 87 °C. Also the periodic strangle or even functionality lose as a result of temperature levels reaching 90 °C when there is truly a whole lot towards method.

Even therefore, it should be actually accepted that the warm temp isn’t as well articulated externally when it resides in utilize. It is simply left wing edge all around the WASD switch that it receives a little bit of cozy while for the various other components it does not feeling in any way.

Fortunately, the temp of the notebook cpu stays secure listed below fifty °C when made use of for surfing or even various other average tasks, therefore there’s no should stress for those that simply intend to utilize it for these factors.

Above Normal Electric battery Life

ASUS embeds 3 Tissues 33 Whrs electric battery as a source of power coming from the A407UF. Along with specs that are actually pretty reduced in electrical power, I really wish that the electric battery lifestyle of the notebook huges good enough towards end up being the major mobile gadget.

When made use of regular for operate, the ASUS A407UF may final around 5 hrs 25 moments up till the electric battery stays 20%. The notebook is actually made use of consistently for surfing as well as taking pleasure in mixeds media material along with a illumination amount of 50%.

The outcomes are actually acceptable good enough to become made use of outdoors pleasantly. And also, this notebook may cost pretty swiftly, which is actually half an hour towards have the capacity to be actually asked for approximately 51% while towards achieve complete 100% it takes around 1 hr 10 moments.

So you do not must fret about lacking electric battery when made use of outdoors due to the fact that the A407UF has actually an appealing respectable electric battery lifestyle along with prompt billing capacities.
Final Conclusion

ASUS A407UF is actually a laptop computer that has actually a streamlined however lovely style along with a rather prompt functionality towards follow it. And also the electric battery lifestyle is actually over normal, producing this notebook appropriate for utilize as a efficiency or even amusement gadget.

This notebook could be held towards participate in illumination video games pretty easily, however it are going to be actually really hard towards manage the current video games. The cpu temp is actually additionally a keep in mind due to the fact that it are going to be actually pretty higher when made use of towards participate in massive ready pretty a lengthy time

Of training training program, while utilizing the ASUS A407UF, I feeling pretty comfy in my life with no complications in any way. Every task operates really easily as well as flawlessly whenever therefore it does not matter if you desire to manage a number of applications simultaneously.

There are actually still some components that could be strengthened through ASUS, however total this notebook is actually taken into consideration great for utilize through trainees as well as youthful laborers that require really good functionality as well as could be made use of towards participate in video games towards load extra time.