ASUS Vivo AiO V241IC Review – The Beauty Who Has an Amazing Screen

ASUS Vivo AiO V241IC Review – The Beauty Who Has an Amazing Screen

For those that would like to have actually their very personal computer system however do not prefer the headache of constructing a computer system or even viewing unpleasant cable televisions, one remedy is actually towards make use of an All-in-One (AiO) PC.

The All-in-One PC mixes all of the primary elements of a computer system, be actually it the cpu towards the video memory card responsible for the scenes, in order that it comes to be a singular system. This isn’t just like a normal pc PC where the elements are actually fragmentary.

ASUS as among the top computer system merchants has actually fascinating AiO PC items, among which is actually Vivo AiO V241IC. I myself possessed the possibility towards straight make use of the AiO variation of the V241ICGT-BA541T for a handful of full weeks.




  • Display – 10/10
  • Efficiency – 7/10
  • Style – 7/10


  • 8/10


ASUS Vivo AiO V241IC is actually an All-in-One computer system that has actually an extremely fancy style, high top premium display and also audio speakers for interactives media, and also convenience that’s ideal for white-collar worker.


  • Lovely minimal design
  • High top premium and also vigorous screen
  • Impressive speakers
  • Several slot availability
  • Sufficient efficiency for everyday


  • Sluggish HDD
  • RAM merely 4GB

Cool Minimal Design

In only one appeal, I promptly loved the style that ASUS picked for the V241IC. The appeal is actually extremely minimal that makes the operate workwork desk sense much a lot extra certainly not constrained and uninhabited. For that reason, this AiO PC is actually simple towards area anywhere.

How certainly not, ASUS V241IC has actually a measurements that’s very little various coming from a computer system display as a whole. It goes without saying, he actually appears awesome. The elevation of the setting can not be actually transformed, however the turn angle of the display may still be actually somewhat readjusted.

Talking approximately the display, wow….. fantastic. ASUS Vivo AiO V241IC has actually an extremely receptive flair display that extends 23.8 ins along with a 16:9 proportion and also Total HD settlement of 1920 x 1080 pixels. Exactly just what promptly captures the focus of the display is actually that the frame is actually extremely slim, merely 2mm along with a screen-to-body proportion of 88%, providing the feeling of possessing a bigger and also greater measurements every single time you consider it.

The board additionally utilizes IPS towards make certain that it may still be actually found precisely around a 178° watching angle and also generates vigorous shades and brilliant. It does not cease certainly there certainly, ASUS additionally offers a great anti-glare finishing due to the fact that it may do away with the representation of sunshine that often I need to experience everyday.

This is actually more enriched along with audio speakers that surpass my assumptions. It needs to be actually confessed that the sound high top premium made due to the ASUS V241IC audio sound speaker startled me due to the fact that it had the ability to have actually effective, loud, and also unobstructed bass also at max intensity.
Suitable for Workplace and also Multimedia

Without an uncertainty, the ASUS Vivo AiO V241IC will definitely be actually extremely pleasing if it is actually made use of as the primary home enjoyment intake maker in the house like viewing flicks besides workplace or even company tasks. It is unobstructed that the lovely display will definitely be actually the piece de resistance.

This one tool additionally has actually a web cam positioned at the end of the display. General the high top premium is actually much a lot better compared to very most included cams and also still ideal for official video clip phone telephone calls. Nonetheless, it is actually regrettable that there’s no Home windows Hey there assist to earn the login method much less complicated.
For the input on its own, I do not believe it is as well exclusive, along with a key-board that is still extremely ASUS along with a respectable crucial traveling and also a computer mouse that is just like Apple’s magic computer mouse, merely larger and also much a lot extra ergonomic in the finger. There’s no clue of just the amount of electric battery is actually left behind and also the clue lighting on the key-board isn’t brilliant sufficient.

Regarding connection, ASUS V241IC gives rather a bunch of a variety of ports. On the rear certainly there certainly are actually 4 USB 3.1 Gen-1 ports, an HDMI and also an Ethernet RJ45 while at the end of the display there’s a USB 2.0 and also sound combination port slot.

There is actually no USB Type-C slot however however it is actually much more than enough for the requirements of very most customers that select the ASUS Vivo V241IC as their major tool.
Sufficient Efficiency for Everyday Life

The requirements of the ASUS Vivo AiO V241ICGT-BA541T that I make use of could be stated to become much a lot extra just like a laptop computer compared to a total pc PC through giving an Intel Center i5-8250U cpu along with velocities around 3.4GHz and also a 2GB NVIDIA GeForce 930MX video memory card. These 2 elements make certain that the efficiency given suffices for everyday make use of.

This is actually sustained through artificial examination outcomes along with a rating of 3,292 on PCMark 8 Operate Sped up and also 1,938 on PCMark 10. The cpu additionally credit ratings 372 cb in the Cinebench R15 request which could be stated to become as counted on.

Using the V241IC everyday is actually rather pleasant due to the fact that it is actually soft sufficient towards manage Workplace tasks and uses. In addition, along with the amazing display high top premium, it helps make me definitely feel comfortable making use of this tool for a long period of time.

It’s only that I’m a little bit of startled why ASUS still opts for 1TB 5400 RPM SATA HDD storing if you consider the general requirements which are actually actually extremely qualified. HDD Utilization is actually typically stuck at 100% which inevitably helps make efficiency certainly not ideal. This concern could be reduced through opting for one more variation that has actually an added SSD.

Therefore I must cease a few of the nonpayment uses operating behind-the-scenes and also set up all of Home windows Updates towards the current variations in order that making use of information is actually lighter and also ideal inning accordance with my desires. After performing the only thing that, the ASUS V241IC operates rather properly and also disk utilization comes to be much a lot extra sensible.

RAM capability which is actually merely 4GB might additionally sense much less for some individuals, particularly energy customers that need to multitask a bunch of uses. Nevertheless exactly just what is actually provided through enough customer requirements as a whole.

What if ASUS Vivo AiO V241IC is actually given participate in video games? Although this tool isn’t a video gaming tool, it still appears towards have the capacity to participate in some video games rather properly, evaluating due to the standard arise from 3DMark.

The V241IC racked up 6,832 along with approximately 33-40 FPS on the Shadow Gateway examination while the Skies Scuba diver racked up 5,349 on the somewhat much larger Skies Scuba diver. This implies that Vivo AiO V241IC may manage well-liked video games just like DOTA 2 properly.

I also attempted to participate in CS:GO at 1080p Higher video settlement. The outcomes are actually rather sufficient along with an ordinary FPS going over 60 in trusted charts like Educate and Dirt.

One factor towards keep in mind, the interior temperature level of the V241IC is actually extremely unstable, it may also achieve 90°C if you consider the HWMonitor request. The good news is, previously I have actually certainly not really experienced the effect in any way on efficiency and also if I flair the physical body straight it still really experiences awesome.

ASUS Vivo AiO V241IC is actually an All-in-One computer system that has actually an extremely fancy style, high top premium display and also audio speakers for interactives media, and also convenience that’s ideal for white-collar worker. Practically each one of the ASUS choices provided on this item remain in the straight path.

Indeed, certainly there certainly are actually some factors that could bring in energy customers dissatisfied along with the V241ICGT-BA541T variation, like merely 4GB of RAM and also still making use of HDD which is actually actually beginning to fall back for the present age. Nevertheless, this is actually reasonable due to the fact that this variation is actually much a lot extra planned for requirements that are actually certainly not as well hefty and also the cost is actually additionally reasonably economical if you consider the general requirements.

Even therefore, I may state that the efficiency of the ASUS Vivo AiO V241ICGT-BA541T is actually rather qualified in daily lifestyle. If I must select in between a laptop computer or even this All-in-One tool for me towards make use of for operate, at that point undoubtedly I will choose this tool coming from ASUS.