Free DNS Crypt Using App and Non App

DNS is the little technology that enters play every time one uses the internet , but hardly any individual learns about it. It’s the very factor you can kind “” making an internet look without knowing its server’s address . What happens is: DNS resolves its address for you, production it as easy as pie!

That means DNS is used almost every time you browse a website . Therefore , if the DNS is fast , you’ll enjoy fast browsing experience. Moreover , the DNS knows the websites you visit , hence presenting a personal privacy hazard as well .

That is why you need to select an outstanding DNS. The good news is , there are numerous free solutions that offer one or both of both — better online personal privacy and advanced speed . That’s not all, a couple of of them also offers filter feature , malware more , and protection . Does it sound fascinating ? After that let me present you to the best “DNS Web servers “.

How to get free dns using app on android and ios

Here you can download intra app for adroid and by default intra app can rewrite dns on your device, in the ios system operation you can download dnscloack app from apps store.

Install Intra For android

install dnscloack for iOS

How to Set up Your DNS For Much faster Internet Speed

Recently, I changed my ISP and instantly noticed slower browsing and web server link failings although my internetRead more by Cloudflare, by Cloudflare and APNIC, is a free and privacy-focused DNS with super-fast global action time. It doesn’t record your browsing information and promises to rub out all its logs each day — great information for any individual worried about personal privacy . I think it’s well worth testing for any business or individual .

However, it’s well worth keeping in mind that is a ordinary simple DNS with no obstructing or filter features , unlike a couple of various other solutions on this list such as OpenDNS. Last but not least , I prefer to quote its plan : “what you do on the Internet—it’s none of our business“.

Primary DNSSecondary DNS


OpenDNS, from Cisco, offers amazing speed with 100% uptime in addition to free anti- obstructing features and phishing. It makes the internet safe and dependable for every person — specifically children — production it perfect for institutions and families . Its OpenDNS Home provides personalized filtering system and basic protection .

On the various other hand, OpenDNS FamilyShield offers an independent remedy for moms and dads to filter and obstruct adult content and also set up adult manages for their children as well . Moreover , its business plans for private users and local business offer use statistics , whitelisting features , and a lot more .

Primary DNSSecondary DNS

yahoo and msn Public DNS

Google Public DNS, an offering from the look giant yahoo and msn , is a fast DNS with high action time , however it’s slower compared to or OpenDNS. yahoo and msn Public DNS offers high security , permitting a better browsing experience.

However, yahoo and msn Public DNS doesn’t offer the personal privacy guaranteed by since it does gather some identifiable information about you and your internet tasks . However it offers some personal privacy features yet its systems don’t obtain audited by a third-party auditor, unlike that obtains his systems audited by KPMG.

Primary DNSSecondary DNS

Comodo Secure DNS

Comodo Secure DNS is another easy-to-set-up DNS that has a solid concentrate on your safety in addition to a 99% uptime guarantee . It’s fast , however , it’s slower compared to the over 3 DNSs. Moreover , it obstructs access to harmful domain names and phishing websites consisting of parked domain names overloaded with advertising .

Comodo Secure DNS has an extra layer of internet filtering system as well , production it a more secure and smarter solution over any default DNS. Although it’s a dependable solution with a pledge for speed , it doesn’t possess any personal privacy protection .

Primary DNSSecondary DNS


OpenNIC is an open up and autonomous solution with privacy-respecting features and almost 100% uptime. It’s a user-owned and user-controlled solution , so various user-owned public web servers are available . However , the raw efficiency constantly fluctuates in contrast to the various other options on this list .

OpenNIC is clearly for you if you’re worried about censorship as its web servers don’t maintain logs. You can choose the web server closest for your area or take its suggestions of most preferred web servers . Last but not least , it provides support for alternative high-level domain names as well , which are not sustained by ICANN.

[OpenNIC] Primary DNS and Second DNS: vibrant ( examine its website )


SafeDNS offers fast and dependable internet with 99.97% uptime. Although it’s slower compared to the top 3 options , it’s much faster compared to Comodo Secure DNS. What makes it unique is it safeguards you from malware, phishing, and so on .

Moreover, it offers a adult control system in addition to black/white lists and obstructs undesirable advertisements as well . However , it’s not free; you can try it free for 15 days , but after that choose among its 2 plans , which are appropriately featureful and valued relying on your use requirements ( office or home ).

Primary DNSSecondary DNS


If you’re looking for a fast and uncensored DNS , DNS.WATCH is an ideal suit . It takes pride in having actually the uptime of 100%. DNS.WATCH is very conscious about your personal privacy and security . It promises to neither log any questions neither record and store any one of your individual information — almost such as and OpenDNS.

What I suched as about DNS.WATCH is, it favors net neutrality , unlike ISPs. That means you can browse any website — no domain name or website is secured from your get to . Lastly , it’s free to use for all users , unlike SafeDNS.

Primary DNSSecondary DNS

DNS Benefit

DNS Benefit is an opt-in , recursive, cloud-delivered DNS by Neustar. Its free solution is like OpenDNS and perfect for users that are looking for a dependable yet fast lookups while having actually access to all the internet . However , it doesn’t feature any personal privacy protection , unlike or OpenNIC.

What I find most fascinating about DNS Benefit is, it provides a huge selection of web servers with varied features , permitting you to choose any each your needs . For instance , its Family Secure DNS obstructs all fully grown and terrible content and its Hazard Protection DNS offers a layer of protection versus harmful websites .

Primary DNSSecondary DNS


GreenTeamDNS may be the last option on this list , but it certainly is a fast and simple cloud-based DNS. You can tailor the securitychoose a degree of security each your requirements . It helps you enjoy family-friendly internet by obstructing adult content, malware, and harmful or phishing websites .

GreenTeamDNS allows you select the 3 security degrees as well . You can consist of or omit any one of the 40+ categories of blockable content , blacklist or whitelist domain names , set bypass passwords as well as view logs for your network. However , its free solution is sustained by a promotion model , however .

Primary DNSSecondary DNS

DNS Efficiency Matrix

DNS ServerQualitySpeedUptime ms99.99%
OpenDNS99.97%24.89 ms99.98%
Google Public DNS99.97%43.46 ms99.98%
Comodo Secure DNS98.95%72.98 ms99.31%
SafeDNS99.96%46.84 ms99.98%
DNS Advantage99.94%46.19 ms99.99%

That is all about the free yet equally fantastic DNS Web servers . Which one is your favorite ? Do you currently use a custom-made DNS on your computer system ? Please write a remark listed below or tweet straight to @aksinghnet to share your experience.