ASUS Zephyrus S GX531 Review – The Best Slim Gaming Laptop Right Now?

ASUS Zephyrus S GX531 Review – The Best Slim Gaming Laptop Right Now?

ASUS has actually offered among the very initial video pc gaming laptop computers in Indonesia towards provide an NVIDIA RTX video memory card called ASUS ROG Zephyrus GX531.

Not merely that, this set gadget has actually a layout that’s certainly not generally discovered on various other video pc gaming laptop computers. As a result, it’s not shocking that a lot of are actually glancing at ROG Zephyrus, featuring me.

Since the introduce of the ASUS ROG Zephyrus collection in 2017, I have actually been actually extremely fascinated within this particular video pc gaming laptop pc since it has actually a slim style that just about looks like an ultrabook gadget. Although typically a video gaming laptop pc along with requirements of the training class has actually a huge physical body along with a value that’s no much less problematic.




ASUS Zephyrus S GX531

  • Display – 10/10
  • Functionality – 10/10
  • Electric battery – 8/10
  • Components – 10/10
  • Style – 9/10


  • 9.4/10


ASUS Zephyrus S GX531 is just one of the very best you can easily decide on with the help of its own slim physical body, higher functionality, filled with components, and also stays trendy when made use of as its own piece de resistance.


  • Streamlined, gorgeous and also strong design
  • Higher functionality for AAA games
  • Extremely pleasant high top premium screen
  • Key-board fits towards use
  • Actually supported


  • The supporter is actually still rather noisy
  • Unheard of key-board and also touchpad positions

What ASUS has actually obtained in the Zephyrus collection is actually rather outstanding since it manages to install all of these requirements. And also the concern of warm sky that necessities to become resolved to avoid getting too hot issues to ensure the functionality delivered stays ideal.

Therefore, it’s not shocking that the style of the Zephyrus S GX531GV that I utilize is actually very little various coming from its own forerunner. Total, the style offered is actually just about the exact very same along with a handful of improvements certainly there certainly and listed listed below.

This Zephyrus S still features a package physical body made from steel finish along with a contact of comb stroke on the deal with and also items of treasures collection the sides. This mix creates the Zephyrus S appearance classy, tough, and costs.

Judging coming from the representative web webpage, the Zephyrus S GX531 collection is actually anticipated towards have actually pocketed the MIL-STD-810G certification which indicates it is actually immune towards shocks, electrical shocks, altitudes, and also harsh temperature levels each warm and chilly. And also the cooling down device has actually an Anti-Dust style to avoid dirt coming from building up on the supporter.

So it is not a surprise that this Zephyrus S really experiences therefore largely loaded just like every area is actually therefore properly loaded that absolutely nothing at all unfilled is actually squandered. Also this laptop pc has actually a relatively finish connection slot, each USB Type-A and also USB Type-C.

Uniquely, the Zephyrus S has actually a USB Type-C slot along with energy distribution sustain that may be made use of towards cost the electric battery coming from an electrical power financial institution. Moreover, the HDMI slot gets on the rear of the laptop pc to ensure it can easily decrease cords going across when making use of an added display.

Below the display certainly there certainly are actually likewise stereo system audio speakers that fire audio straight towards the customer. Along with all of these factors, it’s not shocking that it considers 2.1 Kg although the physical body merely has actually a density of 16.15 mm. Certainly not as slim as an ultrabook, yet still extremely relaxed towards hold anywhere.

If there’s no ROG logo design installed, at that point it is actually feasible that the Zephyrus S is actually incorrect for an ultrabook laptop pc. As compared to video pc gaming laptop computers generally, this laptop pc has actually a much more refined and also covert “impact” of players.

But bring in indisputable, the genuine heart of the laptop pc merely seems when it is actually switched on and opened up. Feeling Sync-enabled four-zone RGB backlit key-board welcomed me immediately. RGB illuminations are actually likewise obvious on the rear of all-time low of the laptop pc which offers the impact of being actually underglow on an constructed cars and truck.

The key-board place of ​​the Zephyrus still appears one-of-a-kind since it is actually deeper towards the customer therefore it does not have actually a hand remainder just like laptop computers generally. This is actually since the higher component is actually made use of as a sky consumption for the cooling down device of the whole device. While the warm sky are going to be actually gotten rid of in 4 paths on the vents left wing, straight, and also rear of the laptop pc.

The supporter is actually rather loud when striving, yet the good news is ASUS has actually installed a request referred to as Depot Dog pet crate that can easily readjust supporter functionality in numerous settings varying coming from Home windows, Quiet, towards Turbo. Typically I utilize Quiet setting while operating that makes the supporter sound just about entirely inaudible.

This style creates the key-board certainly not feeling also warm when made use of towards participate in video games intensively. Having said that, its own posture carries out need adjustment and also is actually much less relaxed when made use of on the thigh or even a little dining table. This key-board really experiences relaxed towards utilize for keying or even participating in video games, one thing ASUS ought to carry on in the newest generation.

Surprisingly, I really did not presume I’d actually just like the touchpad coming from this Zephyrus S. In the beginning I idea it will be actually uncomfortable towards utilize this touchpad since it resides in an unique posture as compared to laptop computers generally and also its own dimension is actually likewise certainly not also huge.

After making an effort it reside for a handful of full weeks, my point of view has actually modified 180 levels. Its own posture on the straight of the key-board creates it feeling even more all-organic compared to under the key-board since I’m made use of towards making use of the computer mouse on the straight edge of the laptop pc.

Of program, the touchpad can easily likewise change functionalities towards a numpad through merely pushing the switch delivered. Eventually, a reddish grid are going to seem that looks like a numpad place on a key-board.

There is actually no question that the Zephyrus S has actually an enchanting style which is actually an enhancement over its own forerunner. Yet there’s one thing that’s no much less pleasant compared to this set video pc gaming laptop pc, such as the requirements that ASUS has actually installed in it.

The ASUS ROG Zephyrus S that I utilize is actually a GX531GV version along with an Intel Center i7-8750H cpu and also an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 video memory card. And also 16GB DDR4 M and RAM.2 NVMe PCIE 3.0 512GB fast SSD in regards to Create records and Review. These parts assurance a quite effective functionality towards manage the current video games.

Moreover, along with a Total HD display that has actually a rejuvenate cost of 144 Hz and also an action opportunity of 3ms, it permits higher functionality to become presented ideally without residing in vain. And also the display has actually likewise obtained Pantone recognition towards generate precise shades.

The very first time I attempted Zephyrus S, I was actually quickly surprised through exactly just how hassle-free the computer animation relocations on the display. For those that are actually familiar with making use of a 60 Hz display, it is actually particular that they’ll quickly feeling the variation in computer animation which is actually considerably smoother even though it is actually simply relocating the cursor in Home windows.

Then the concern is actually, is actually Zephyrus S capable towards capitalize on the 144 Hz display when managing the current AAA video games? Looter, actually can easily.

The video activity titles that I attempted were actually Evil one Might Weep 5 and also Homeowner Wicked 2 which were actually each established through Capcom and also were actually merely launched in very early 2019. Each video games that have actually magnificent video may be smashed through Zephyrus S extremely effortlessly.
When manage at the highest possible video setups, Evil one Might Weep 5 manages to manage at a variety of 90 towards 120 FPS in the Prologue phase. Thinking about that this video activity comes from the hack-and-slash style that has actually quick computer animation and also higher input reaction, the greater the FPS, the much a lot better.

I likewise feeling the exact very same functionality when participating in Homeowner Wicked 2. In the highest possible video setups, I can easily still delight in this video activity in the variety of 90 towards 110 FPS in the opening up place prior to getting in the RPD structure. This place has actually a great deal of items and also foes to ensure the FPS obtained is actually rather amazing.

Seeing these outcomes, the video high top premium should be actually reduced somewhat towards get to 144 FPS to utilize the screen’s abilities towards the maximum. Nevertheless, functionality over 60 FPS in higher video in my point of view is actually much ample towards have the ability to receive a comfy knowledge.

Talking approximately video, naturally, you should not overlook the major feature of the GeForce RTX video memory card. As we understand, the GeFoce RTX video memory card sustains Real-Time Ray Outlining modern technology towards offer even more all-organic illumination through determining the instructions of illumination towards an item.

Because this modern technology is actually still fairly brand-brand new, video games that have actually Ray Outlining modern technology in all of them can easily still be actually awaited on the fingers. Among the video games that I need to exam its own capcapacities is actually Darkness of The Burial place Raider which has actually obtained an upgrade towards the application of the Ray Outlining include a long time earlier. (click on picture towards enlarge)

With the highest possible feasible video setups and also triggering the Ray Mapped Darkness High top premium and also NVIDIA RTX DLSS components, I can easily still delight in this video activity established through Eidos Montreal perfectly along with a normal FPS in the variety of 40-50 in numerous regions.

Even therefore, I can not highly recommend this include to become proactively made use of unless customers wish to preference the current modern technology coming from NVIDIA. The explanation is actually since the functionality called for along with the boost in video gotten really experiences lower than well really truly worth it.

Just match up, Darkness of The Burial place Raider can easily manage approximately twenty FPS much a lot better through merely shutting down the Ray Mapped Darkness High top premium choice. Although the variation in the video isn’t also substantial as viewed in the picture listed below. (click on picture towards enlarge)

The great information, this indicates that the ASUS Zephyrus S has actually extremely qualified functionality featuring the potential towards manage NVIDIA’s most current modern technology effectively if the customer yearns for it. As a result, the abilities of the one video pc gaming laptop pc are going to stay pertinent for a long time to follow while waiting on Ray Outlining modern technology towards fully grown.

With such higher requirements, naturally certainly there certainly are going to be actually inquiries approximately electric battery lifestyle. Thinking about that the ASUS ROG Zephyrus S is actually identified as a video gaming laptop pc, I do not assume way a lot of of its own electric battery lifestyle.

Interestingly, this laptop pc is actually still capable towards activate for 2 hrs 9 mins prior to the electric battery continuing to be 20% ​​when I utilize it towards operate daily. The amount is actually greater than I idea since typically video pc gaming laptop computers merely final a little bit of over 1 hr.

It seems like every thing that the ASUS Zephyrus S has actually creates it just about ideal for a video gaming laptop pc, at the very least wherefore I wish. Its own slim physical body, higher functionality, filled with components, and also stays trendy when made use of are actually the piece de resistances.

Honestly, I’m possessing a little bit of difficulty looking for the disadvantage of the laptop pc since ASUS has actually actually produce an incredible gadget. If you do not actually criticize the uncommon key-board posture, at that point the ASUS Zephyrus S GX531 is just one of the very best you can easily decide on.