ASUS ZenBook Professional 14 UX480F Examine – Laptop pc along with Twin Display Technology

ASUS ZenBook Professional 14 UX480F Examine – Laptop pc along with Twin Display Technology

Have you ever before made use of a laptop computer as well as pondered if it could be also much a lot better if the laptop computer possessed an extra display? Currently there is no have to guess any longer due to the fact that there is the ASUS ZenBook Expert 14 UX480F.

Unlike laptop computers generally, ZenBook Expert 14 has actually 2 monitors which are actually a mix of a conventional laptop computer display as well as a little display that integrates along with the touchpad.

In purchase towards fulfill individuals that are actually targeted at experts as well as creatives, this laptop computer is actually likewise geared up along with different premium components specs.




ASUS ZenBook Expert 14

  • Display – 9/10
  • Efficiency – 9/10
  • Electric battery – 7/10
  • Style – 8/10



With prompt efficiency as well as an enjoyable display, ZenBook Expert 14 appropriates for make use of in different areas of operate varying coming from criterion workplace operate towards do function in visuals style or even video clip editing and enhancing. Yet however the ScreenPad isn’t acceptable.


  • Impressive screen
  • Hurry performance
  • Eye-catching design


  • ScreenPad isn’t useful
  • Electric battery drains pipes when Screenpad is actually on

The style of the ZenBook Expert 14 laptop computer is actually quite just like the normal ZenBook 14 yet is actually a little much larger and bigger. The ErgoLift joint is actually likewise made use of in ZenBook Expert 14. This joint produces the key-board a little raise when the laptop computer display is actually opened up.

The different colors version on call for ZenBook Expert 14 is actually merely Deep-seated Dive Blue, which is actually a somewhat darker blue near dark. Gold emphases are actually likewise spread on different edges of the laptop computer, specifically in the key-board as well as audio sound speaker place that makes the laptop computer appearance much a lot extra eye-catching.

The key-board on its own is actually very pleasant when inputting as well as if required, the gold backlit illumination may be switched on to ensure the laptop computer may still be actually made use of in dark locations.

For the ports on call on ZenBook Expert 14, there’s one each for different sorts of ports, such as USB 3.1 Gen2 Type-C, USB 3.1 Gen2 Type-A, USB 2.0, HDMI sound port, and Criterion. The slot is actually accomplish sufficient that it may assist in everyday tasks when making use of the laptop computer.

The display on ZenBook Expert 14 steps 14 “along with slim frames as well as sustains a display settlement of 1920 x 1080 pixels. Remarkably, the ZenBook Expert 14 display has actually acquired Pantone Validated license as well as may show 100% sRGB different colours which will certainly serve for those that do function in the visuals style planet.

To give various other possibilities for functioning the laptop computer, the display likewise sustains input coming from the style of a hands or even the ASUS Pen. However, the ASUS Pen isn’t on call in the purchases bundle for ZenBook Expert 14, therefore it needs to be actually acquired individually.

The 2nd display on ZenBook Expert 14 lies in the touchpad place named ScreenPad through ASUS. This display steps 5.5 “along with a settlement of 1920 x 1080 as well as makes use of Tremendously IPS + innovation.

The specs of the 2nd display are actually very higher, although in daily make use of it is actually very likely to become found much less typically compared to the principal display. Although the display setting is actually much less all-organic, the display show may still be actually conveniently found coming from different edges.

The ScreenPad on ZenBook Expert 14 is actually a little concave right in to the laptop computer, therefore I typically attacked the side of the ScreenPad when I was actually functioning the laptop computer. It really experiences much less pleasant compared to a routine touchpad which commonly does not have actually an incredibly deep-seated clinical depression. Nonetheless, relocating the cursor making use of the ScreenPad still really experiences soft.

On the ScreenPad, certainly there certainly are actually a number of integrated treatments including a songs gamer, amount pad, and personal digital assistant. Wallpaper on the ScreenPad may likewise be actually modified conveniently. I myself changed the wallpaper along with the Gadgeren logo design to ensure the laptop computer resembles it was actually custom-made produced Gadgetren.

Some treatments on the ScreenPad will certainly look instantly when making use of specific treatments. This include also bothers me. As an example, when opening up the Microsoft Phrase treatment, the ScreenPad will certainly show an unique Phrase viewpoint along with a toolbar on top. If the toolbar is actually touched although the intent is actually towards relocate the cursor, the cursor will certainly stagnate.

While making use of ZenBook Expert 14, I seldom discovered making use of the ScreenPad. It might get some receiving made use of to become pleasant along with the ScreenPad yet I do not know how much time it will certainly get. I lastly choose towards shut down the ScreenPad include to ensure navigating on the laptop computer is actually much a lot extra pleasant as well as the electric battery is actually much a lot extra dependable.

In regards to efficiency, ZenBook expert 14 is actually geared up along with presently higher components specs including an Intel Primary i7-8565U 1.85GHz for the cpu, 16GB 2400MHz DDR4 moment, 512GB SSD storing, as well as a GeForce GTX 1050 video memory card 2GB GDDR5 VRAM.

So much ZenBook Expert 14 has actually been actually carrying out prompt for my everyday operate. Different treatments may be opened up functioned effortlessly and swiftly. Opening up also massive treatments may be conveniently performed through ZenBook Expert 14.

If you intend to participate in video games, Zenbook Expert 14 can participating in contemporary video games just like Assassin’s Creed Sources which are actually very massive in regards to video. Nonetheless, to obtain soft video, the game’s video environments are actually merely ideally readied to Reduced.

It is actually feasible that the video environments of the Assassin’s Creed Sources video activity are actually readied to a much higher amount, yet the minimize in level of smoothness of the video will certainly be actually really experienced to ensure the video activity ends up being a little interrupted.

For electric battery lifestyle, ZenBook Expert 14 is actually really very okay when made use of towards operate throughout the day. Nonetheless, if the ScreenPad include is actually triggered, the electric battery lifestyle of the laptop computer will certainly be actually very eroded.

In evaluation, along with 75% direct visibility as well as Much a lot better Efficiency electric battery setting, ZenBook Expert 14 lasted 4 hrs fifty mins coming from 100% towards 18% electric battery amount making use of the PC Measure 8 examination application in Operate Increased examination setting if the ScreenPad had not been. energetic.

In one more examination along with the exact very same environments yet the ScreenPad is actually energetic, ZenBook Expert 14 merely lasts for 3 hrs half an hour. There’s a considerable variation in electric battery lifestyle, which is actually 1 hr twenty mins if the ScreenPad include on ZenBook Expert 14 is actually triggered.
For asking for the electric battery on its own it takes around 2 hrs 26 mins towards fee the ZenBook Expert 14 electric battery coming from 14% towards 100% amount.

With prompt efficiency as well as an enjoyable display, ASUS ZenBook Expert 14 appropriates for experts in different areas of operate, coming from record handling towards visuals style or even video clip editing and enhancing work.

Unfortunately, ASUS’ technology along with the ScreenPad on ZenBook Expert 14 really experiences repetitive due to the fact that its own perform really experiences much less valuable as well as really sucks up the laptop computer electric battery quicker.