ASUS ZenBook 13 UX334FL review

ASUS ZenBook 13 UX334FL review –

ASUS once once more displayed their dependability in constructing a laptop computer tool through offering the ZenBook thirteen UX334FL.


This laptop pc, which belongs to the ZenBook loved ones, gives numerous technologies that are actually certainly not essentially located on various other laptop computers. As the forerunner of the laptop pc market in Indonesia, ASUS undoubtedly should not only loosen up in offering brand-brand new laptop computers.

Therefore, this ZenBook thirteen will certainly create you appearance various when you make use of it. Features an extremely good-looking concept, the ASUS ZenBook thirteen that I make use of has actually a Imperial Blue colour along with a legendary metal-spun distinctive deal with on the deal with.

ASUS ZenBook thirteen UX334FL

  • Display – 10/10
  • Efficiency – 9/10
  • Electric battery – 9/10
  • Components as well as Mobility – 10/10
  • Concept – 10/10



Powerful efficiency along with trusted electric battery lifestyle, however still possessing a small physical body is actually the primary stamina of the ASUS ZenBook thirteen UX334FL.


  • Portable concept however still sturdy
  • Excellent efficiency in everyday
  • Tremendously prompt SSD
  • ScreenPad 2.0 for progressed multitasking
  • Lengthy electric battery life


  • TouchPad as well as ScreenPad can not be actually energetic at the exact very same time
  • The display is actually still also glossy

Overall the physical body is actually made from tough steel, however it still really experiences lighting given that this laptop pc merely considers 1.22 Kg. This is actually undoubtedly a crucial point for those of you employees that require calculating gadgets on the move.

ASUS ZenBook thirteen UX334FL Evaluate Cover

Not merely that, this laptop pc is actually additionally incredibly slim along with a fullness of merely 17.9 mm as well as is available in a measurements that’s very little various coming from A4 study. This combo undoubtedly enables ZenBook thirteen to become brought anywhere simply without incorporating excessive value towards the backpack.

With a physical body that may be pointed out to become little, it ends up that ASUS may still deliver connection sustain that’s rather different. The left behind edge of the laptop pc supplies an HDMI slot, USB 3.1 Gen 2 as well as USB-C 3.1 Gen 2 while on the straight edge there’s a microSD memory card visitor, USB 2.0, as well as a 3.5mm sound combination port.

ASUS ZenBook thirteen UX334FL Evaluate Left behind Port

Interestingly, this laptop pc additionally has actually a MIL-STD-810G certification after death numerous military-standard examinations including lose examinations, shocks, altitudes, towards excessive temperature levels. As a result, the robustness of this particular laptop pc is actually unquestionable.

Lately certainly there certainly are actually 2 points in the concept sector that are actually my faves coming from premium laptop computers helped make through ASUS as well as each exist on this tool.

First, ZenBook thirteen has actually an ErgoLift joint that will certainly raise all-time low of the laptop pc through 3° therefore it may deliver a much more comfy keying setting while supplying even more ideal air flow for the cooling down unit.

Plus, this laptop pc key-board has actually a stress range of 1.4 mm which will certainly deliver a much more comfy keying experience. There’s additionally a backlit lighting for the key-board which will certainly aid characters as well as varieties continue to be precisely noticeable in a dark space.

The ErgoLift joint additionally enables me towards available the laptop pc along with only one hands, helping make it even more efficient towards make use of. For the 2nd point, ASUS has actually once once more offered their front runner concept referred to as NanoEdge that makes the frames on the sides of the display thinner, which is actually merely 2.8 mm.

ASUS ZenBook thirteen UX334FL NanoEdge Frame Review

As an outcome, ZenBook thirteen UX334FL has actually a smaller sized physical body compared to the 2017 model of the ZenBook with the help of a screen-to-body proportion of around 95%. Therefore, the display of this particular laptop pc really experiences even more large when made use of towards eat mixeds media material or even when made use of regular.

The display on its own has actually a thirteen.3-inch span along with Complete HD 1920 x 1080 pixels settlement along with 100% sRGB colour range protection as well as watching slants of around 178 levels. As a result, viewing video recordings on this laptop pc really experiences incredibly delighting given that certainly not merely carry out the photos appearance vigorous along with correct shades however additionally sense even more immersive.

To enhance this stunning display, ASUS has actually additionally worked together along with harman/kardon towards deliver a much more excellent sound expertise on this laptop pc.

ASUS ZenBook thirteen UX334FL Display Review

Talking approximately the display, there’s one special point that you do not essentially locate on various other laptop computers. This ASUS ZenBook thirteen UX334FL ends up towards have actually an added display found on the touchpad. This include referred to as ScreenPad 2.0 may be pointed out to become the following advancement of the standard touchpad.

With a angled duration of 5.65 ins, ScreenPad 2.0 enables fingers towards relocate simply when made use of as a normal touchpad towards relocate the cursor. However naturally the primary benefits of this particular one include don’t quit certainly there certainly.

As the label signifies, ScreenPad 2.0 is actually a screen-based touchpad that may be made use of towards streamline the multitasking procedure for its own customers. This tiny display along with FHD + settlement may display screen requests including Spotify to become handled straight without needing to relocate in between home windows on the primary display.

This include may additionally be actually made use of towards spare numerous quick ways including taking screenshots as well as copy-pasting even more simply. Additionally, customers may trigger the handwriting setting which enables the touchpad location towards approve handwriting input up till it is actually altered towards display screen the Variety Crucial.

ASUS ZenBook thirteen UX334FL ScreenPad Review

This naturally produces ScreenPad 2.0 even more flexible compared to traditional touchpads as well as the NumberPad modern technology that ASUS shows on a number of various other laptop computers. This way I have actually even more alternatives that may be made use of when multitasking.

As a laptop computer customer that frequently makes use of an exterior computer mouse, I sense that the existence of ScreenPad 2.0 produces the touchpad location better. Although the existing work is actually still marginal, it is actually thought about better compared to a traditional touchpad which I hardly ever make use of.

ASUS ZenBook thirteen UX334FL HWiNFOs Review

To additional sustain multitasking tasks, ASUS has actually additionally installed highly effective requirements within this particular ZenBook thirteen UX334FL. For the version that I make use of, ASUS depends on an Intel Primary i7-10510U which is actually the 10th age along with 4 Centers as well as 8 Strings.

Along with that said there’s 16GB Dual-Channel RAM as well as 1TB NVMe SSD storing. This combo enables ZenBook thirteen UX334FL towards operate my regular requests incredibly simply.

Never the moment have actually I really experienced that my laptop’s efficiency decreased when I was actually opening up lots of requests all at once, some of which was actually a web internet browser along with a a great deal of buttons. The existence of an NVMe SSD additionally produces the starting procedure as well as filling requests much shorter.

ASUS ZenBook thirteen UX334FL criteria review

When I evaluated its own efficiency utilizing a widely known criteria request, this laptop pc had the ability to rack up 1,455 factors on Cinebench R20 as well as 3,963 factors on PCMark 10.

Thanks towards the option of the NVMe SSD storing option, this laptop pc has actually the capcapacity towards Read through 1.8 GB/s as well as Compose 1.5 GB/s sequentially. A lot quicker compared to traditional HDDs on conventional laptop computers which might merely be actually just about 10 opportunities slower.

ASUS ZenBook thirteen UX334FL CDM review

To sustain tasks that need video, ASUS has actually additionally furnished this laptop pc along with NVIDIA GeForce MX250 2GB VRAM. Along with an added video memory card, I may appreciate mixeds media material pleasantly as well as operate image modifying requests easily.

The video memory card is actually undoubtedly even more aimed for basic tasks, however it really experiences insufficient if you exam a laptop computer without observing its own capcapacity towards operate video games. As a result I aimed to operate the Last Dream XV Home windows Version criteria.

At the Lite video environments at 1080p settlement, ZenBook thirteen UX334FL is actually still capable towards get to 19-27 FPS relying on the culture being actually shown. Although the last rack up secured is actually fairly little, such as 2,312 factors.

ASUS ZenBook thirteen UX334FL FF15 review

It’s only that this shows that ZenBook thirteen UX334FL is actually still with the ability of being actually made use of towards participate in lighting or even laid-back video games given that Last Dream XV is actually a rather hefty video activity. I believe the efficiency suffices if you only would like to participate in outdated video games towards pass the moment.

Most notably, the qualified efficiency of the ZenBook thirteen UX334FL is actually additional enriched through its own lengthy electric battery lifestyle. For this laptop pc, ASUS supplies a 50W 3-cell lithium-polymer electric battery within.

When evaluated utilizing PCMark 8 Operate 2.0 along with a display screen illumination degree of 50% as well as ScreenPad 2.0 energetic, this laptop pc had the ability to continue for 5 hrs. A variety that cannot be actually undervalued given that it hammers various other ZenBook laptop computers that the Gadgetren group has actually attempted.

ASUS ZenBook thirteen UX334FL Evaluate Electric battery Life

I may additionally make use of this laptop pc pleasantly without fretting about lacking electric battery while functioning given that it may be made use of regularly for a long period of time. However, ZenBook thirteen still needs me towards fee it in the mid-day.

Luckily I really did not need to hang around also wish for the electric battery to become completely asked for once once more coming from the 20% continuing to be given that it merely took approximately 2 hrs.

After utilizing the ASUS ZenBook thirteen UX334FL for time, I may point out that this laptop pc is actually an extremely ideal tool for those of you that have to have the capacity to operate anywhere without needing to bother with sensation confined.

Powerful efficiency along with trusted electric battery lifestyle, however still possessing a small physical body is actually the primary stamina of this particular laptop pc. Certainly not merely for operate, ZenBook thirteen UX334FL may additionally be actually made use of as a mobile amusement tool with the help of its own exciting aesthetic high top premium and sound.

The technologies that ASUS offers this laptop pc will certainly promptly create anybody that finds it interested. It is tough towards locate the weak points of ZenBook thirteen UX334FL given that ASUS definitely pays focus on every particular there’s towards promise an ideal expertise for its own customers.