ASUS ROG Zephyrus GA502 review

ASUS ROG Zephyrus GA502 review –

In mid-2019, the ASUS ROG Zephyrus GA502 was actually found as an extremely exciting laptop computer.


How certainly not, the ROG Zephyrus GA502 was actually forecasted to become the thinnest and also lightest Ryzen laptop computer when it wased initially launched. Certainly not just that, certainly there certainly are actually still some essential tools that create it appearance alluring which could be a justification for areca players.

However, can easily ROG Zephyrus GA502D actually accomplish everything while still possessing effective functionality? Here’s the evaluate.

ASUS ROG Zephyrus GA502

  • Display – 9/10
  • Functionality – 10/10
  • Electric battery – 9/10
  • Functions and also Mobility – 9/10
  • Style – 10/10



ROG Zephyrus GA502 is actually an amazing laptop computer given that it dealt with towards tick all of packages coming from my “Needs for a Excellent Laptop computer” listing.


  • Effective functionality with the help of the mixture of Ryzen 7 and also GTX 1660 Ti
  • Lovely display along with higher rejuvenate rate
  • Tranquility body system yet still gaming
  • Reasonably lengthy electric battery life
  • Loaded with valuable video pc gaming features


  • The follower is actually pretty loud when total load
  • No webcam

This video pc gaming laptop computer features a concept that’s extremely the same towards the ROG product series. The deal with has actually a steel comb surface highlighted due to the reddish ROG eye logo design. The trapezoidal reduce basically certainly not just creates the laptop computer appearance colder yet likewise gives even more area for tire venting.

Overall the body system is actually constructed from extremely durable plastic, also the design could be preserved when pushed as challenging as achievable making use of a hands. The body system actually really experiences strong, revealing the create high top premium.

ASUS ROG Zephyrus GA502D Evaluate Cover

Just such as various other laptop computers in an identical product series, ROG Zephyrus GA502 has actually an extremely slim body system as compared to conventional video pc gaming laptop computers. With the help of a fullness of just 20mm and also a significance of just 2.1 Kg, this laptop computer can easily simply match a knapsack without helping make it as well busy.

Plus the ROG Zephyrus GA502 has actually a well-maintained and also minimal balanced look therefore it is still appropriate for bring conferences or even various other official tasks. Nevertheless, this laptop computer still has actually a variety of qualities of a pc gaming laptop computer that players can easily identify when they view it.

ASUS ROG Zephyrus GA502D Slot Review

With a slim body system, this laptop computer still gives pretty finish connection. Left wing edge there’s a selection of USB-C 3.2 Gen 2, USB-A 3.2, HDMI 2.0b, RJ-45, and also AC In ports. While on the straight edge certainly there certainly are actually 2 USB-A 3.2 and also Kengsinton Padhair.

When I opened up this laptop computer, I was actually quickly welcomed through a total key-board without a numpad which has actually a white colored backlit lighting and also a touchpad that has actually a relatively sizable measurements. The key-board that exists is actually pretty enough, yet certainly there certainly are actually still lots of laptop computers that have actually a far better key-board.

At the leading, there’s a 15.6-inch broad display along with slim frames that are actually quickly appreciated. Along with a body-to-screen proportion of 81%, watching the presented web information comes to be much more fulfilling given that the display appears broad and broad. Nonetheless, this needs to have actually an effect on the lack of a web cam which is actually generally installed straight on the leading frame of the display.

As remuneration, the ROG Zephyrus GA502 display makes use of a vIPS-Level board along with Total HD settlement and also has actually a rejuvenate cost of approximately 120 Hz. As a player, this laptop computer display gives a combo that could be claimed to become just about ideal.

The main cause is actually, the display can easily still give different colors recreation that’s pretty exact and also can easily still give a higher rejuvenate cost. In this way individuals can easily appreciate fascinating visuals while appreciating soft computer animation actions.

ASUS ROG Zephyrus GA502D Evaluate Screen

The high top premium display will definitely surely have an effect on the total consumer expertise given that it could be really experienced in any sort of task, whether it is simply browsing the net or even participating in video games.

Accompanying the display are actually 2 x 1W audio speakers along with Clever AMP innovation that manage to give loud sound along with effective bass. It is simply that making use of a headset is actually still much a lot better if you desire an even more immersive expertise.

To have the ability to get total perk of the screen’s functionalities, ROG Zephyrus GA502 is actually installed along with an AMD Ryzen 7 3700U cpu which has actually 4 Primaries and also 8 Strings along with a Enhance Time clock achieving 4 GHz. There’s likewise 8 GB Single-Channel RAM that accompanies it.

ASUS ROG Zephyrus GA502D HWiNFOs

Interestingly, this laptop computer is actually geared up along with an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti 6GB for video handling, certainly not Radeon. A combo that wasn’t typically discovered a couple of years back. This is actually extremely easy to understand given that presently Ryzen processor chips carry out promotion worth that can easily no more be actually taken too lightly.

When examined making use of Cinebench R20, this laptop computer obtained a CPU rack up of 1,811 factors. This amount is actually pretty higher, 400 factors in advance of the Intel Center i7-10510U which each have actually 4 Primaries and also 8 Strings along with a TDP of 15W.

Regarding workplace tasks, ROG Zephyrus GA502 racked up 3,808 factors when examined making use of PCMark 10. Consequently, the functionality gave through this laptop computer for calculating tasks typically is actually no more unsure.

ASUS ROG Zephyrus GA502D Benchmark

Moreover, ROG Zephyrus GA502 is actually likewise geared up along with a 512GB NVMe SSD storing remedy along with Check out 1,315 MB/s and also Compose 970 MB/s functionalities, as viewed in the end results of the Crystal Disk Measure exam. This creates the device towards function extremely responsively and also creates the boot and also running procedure much shorter.

As some of the laptop computers that are actually consisted of in the State of Players product series, naturally I must preference exactly just how the ROG Zephyrus GA502 takes care of well-known video games.

For beginners, Respond to Strike: Worldwide Objectionable was actually picked as an agent of eSport video games that typically need a higher action cost. Within this particular video activity, ROG Zephyrus GA502 can easily create approximately 140 FPS extremely simply at Tool video quality


With such a higher FPS, naturally, the potential of the display along with a rejuvenate cost of 120Hz could be used towards the maximum. Consequently, display tearing doesn’t look whatsoever or even the graphic is actually divide when the graphic relocations extremely quick.

Then there’s the Darkness of Burial place Raider video activity which has actually impressive video. Within this particular video activity, ROG Zephyrus GA502 dealt with towards accomplish FPS which differs a fair bit coming from 35-50 FPS, relying on exactly just how occupied the arena is actually.

ASUS ROG Zephyrus GA502D Burial place Raider BenchASUS ROG Zephyrus GA502D Burial place Raider

When operating the criteria given, this laptop computer obtains a normal FPS in the series of forty five FPS. Exactly just what you should understand, this amount is actually secured in visuals high top premium along with the Greatest preset without Ray-tracing. For that reason, the functionality given is actually pretty challenging taking into consideration this video activity has actually lovely visuals high top premium.

The final one is actually Combat zone V. The video activity helped make through EA DICE could be claimed to become the most difficult video activity of the 3. Established along with Frostbite Motor, it takes a bunch of electricity towards have the ability to operate this video activity at higher visuals high top premium.

Therefore, it’s not astonishing that the ROG Zephyrus GA502 appears a little bit of bewildered. Nevertheless, this laptop computer is actually still capable towards accomplish forty five FPS at the Tool video preset, it suffices towards participate in easily without needing to give up graphic high top premium,

Judging coming from all of the examinations that have actually been actually carried out, ROG Zephyrus GA502 seems to be towards have the ability to operate a variety of kinds of video games with no complications. It matters not if you desire to participate in laid-back video games or even the most up to date AAA video games given that this laptop computer can easily surely carry out it.

It’s simply that, ROG Zephyrus GA502 has actually an air conditioning device that’s pretty loud when the device needs to strive such as when participating in video games. On the intense edge, this laptop computer is actually reasonably silent when made use of for basic tasks given that there’s no distinct follower audio.

How the follower jobs could be regulated making use of the straight set up Depot Dog pet crate. This ASUS front runner treatment is actually a device management facility for those of you that intend to have actually even more management.

Armory Dog pet crate gives an assortment of extremely valuable functions varying coming from details on the problems of laptop computer utilize, handling functionality, establishing Mood Sync, towards a variety of functions like GameFirst that can easily give an also much a lot better video pc gaming expertise.

What creates ROG Zephyrus GA502 much more eye-catching, the electric battery lifestyle is actually pretty helpful for a pc gaming laptop computer. The representative ROG Zephyrus GA502 web webpage doesn’t listing the electric battery capability, yet the battery wall charger that exists has actually an outcome functionality of 180 Watts, therefore it is certainly not astonishing that the measurements of the adapter is actually pretty sizable.

When examined making use of PCMark 8 Function which replicates the tasks of normal individuals, ROG Zephyrus GA502 had the ability to final approximately 3 hrs 48 moments. This number is actually relatively much a lot longer compared to very most laptop computers within this particular lesson which generally just lasts around 1-2 hrs.

ASUS ROG Zephyrus GA502D PCMark 8 Function Battery

With that lengthy electric battery lifestyle, it does not appear a complication towards utilize ROG Zephyrus GA502 during the course of conferences or even knowing training class which generally final no greater than 2 hrs in one session.

Of program, this endurance cannot be actually divided coming from the Ryzen 7 3700U cpu which, although it has actually excellent functionality, just has actually a TDP of 15W. Consequently, the laptop computer could be switched on for a number of years for basic tasks. Nevertheless, naturally the electric battery lifestyle relies on exactly just how massive the calculating is actually.

Overall, the ROG Zephyrus GA502 is actually an exceptional laptop computer given that it dealt with towards tick all of packages coming from my “Needs for a Excellent Laptop computer” listing. This laptop computer has actually effective functionality with the help of the mixture of AMD Ryzen 7 3700U along with NVIDIA GTX 1660 Ti which suffices to become brought towards participate in video games easily.

Top ASUS ROG Zephyrus GA502D Review

Even therefore, this laptop computer is actually likewise certainly not just interested in functionality yet likewise pays focus on the opposite side, coming from the display that manages to give impressive visuals towards the style that’s tranquility and also durable yet still has actually a pc gaming accent.

One trait that’s the major perk of ROG Zephyrus GA502 as compared to video pc gaming laptop computers typically hinges on its own rather lengthy electric battery lifestyle. All at once, this laptop computer is actually likewise loaded with functions that create it much more eye-catching.

It’s challenging towards locate a factor certainly not towards enjoy this laptop computer given that exactly just what it needs to promotion is actually great worth. Nevertheless, certainly there certainly are actually still some parts that could be enhanced later on, like the sound amount and also the lack of a web cam.